First Steps

Learn What to Do If You Need Help!

What to do first

In times of financial hardship, ask yourself some key questions:

  1. Is this a new hardship, a new level of hardship, or something previously known?
  2. Is this likely to be a long-term hardship, or is the hardship more temporary or immediate?
  3. What resources have I already sought out?
  4. What, specifically, will it take to get me through this hardship?

If this is a new hardship, or a new level of hardship, the best place to start is likely with the UGA Financial Aid Office.

Significant changes in financial circumstances, either for you or your family, may help you qualify for a reconsideration of your financial package at UGA. A financial aid officer can review your situation and alert you to any available options.

Please understand available options may include new or additional loan opportunities. Loans are an invaluable resource for many UGA students and families. Simply not wishing to take on educational debt does not constitute a financial hardship. 

If your consultation with Financial Aid does not fully relieve your financial hardship, there are other campus and community resources to consider.

Student Care and Outreach

Provides individualized assistance to students experiencing hardship circumstances, support to faculty and staff working with students in distress, and guidance to parents seeking help and information on behalf of their students. Free.

Office of Student Financial Aid

220 Holmes/Hunter Academic Building